Connect (complete) Korean With English Subtitles

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Download Kdrama Connect Season 1 2022 All Episodes (Korean With English Subs) and it is available in 720p,1080p of each episode 200MB & 1.2GB
Dongsoo leads a solitary life, spending his time uploading music to the internet. His ordinary life is upended when he is kidnapped by an organ hunter, who takes out one of his eyes. Soon, Dongsoo is sharing the vision of someone who got his eye. Through the connected vision, he learns that the taker is a notorious serial killer, and pursues the murderer to get his eye

1. K-Drive.
2. K-Drive.
3. K-Drive.
4. K-Drive.
5. K-Drive.
6. K-Drive.

1. P-Drive.
2. P-Drive.
3. P-Drive.
4. P-Drive.
5. P-Drive.
6. P-Drive.

1. S-Drive.
2. S-Drive.
3. S-Drive.
4. S-Drive.
5. S-Drive.
6. S-Drive.



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Genre: Mystery
Duration: 46 Min
Last Air Date:7 Dec 2022
Number Of Episode:6

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